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Jolly U

Role: Concept,  Art Director

CHALLENGE: Make Jolly Hotdog appeal to teens.

PRODUCT TRUTH: It's the hotdog sandwich that's extra beefy and extra cheesy.

MARKET INSIGHT: Teens are extra in everything that they do.

IDEA: Jolly Hotdog, the hotdog that's so extra

​Jollibee created a branded entertainment platform especially made for teens.
Introducing Jollibee U. A bite-size web series about the jolliest school in the world. Debuting with 6 bite-size episodes for teens’ bite-size attention, showing LOL gags and laugh-trips that truly depicted Pinoy teen life.

The characters also came to life on-ground, taking over real school events and activities relevant to teens. From sports fest to school fairs to something as big as the most attended UAAP Cheerdance Competition where all big universities compete.

On UAAP Cheerdance Competition, we took over the Jollibee instagram page and published stories featuring our Jolly U students participating in the event. We also awarded people in the crowd who showed off their extra personalities with extra huge claim stubs.

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